We are constantly searching and sourcing to add value to our item list. We carry frozen, canned, and dry goods, plus disposables, produce and protein items. Any need of yours is or can be an item we carry. 


Bean Mayocoba 50# Frijol Peruano
Bean Pinto 100#
BR Bun Hamburger 10 CT
BR Sandwich Roll Gourmet Sandwich Roll 8 CT
BR Teleras Turano BAG/4CT OR TRAY/32CT
Bread Crumbs Crumb Bread Plain 25#
BV 7up Bottle 24/12oz
BV Chocolate Abuelita 12-19 oz., 6 Tablets
BV Clamato Juice Clamato Juice 12/32oz
BV Clamato Spicy El Original 12/32oz
BV Coca-Cola 24/13.5oz Bottles  60PAL
BV Coke Can Classic 12-12oz
BV Jarrito Fruit Punch 24/13.5oz
BV Jarrito Grapefruit 24/13.5oz
BV Jarrito Guava 24/13.5oz
BV Jarrito Jamaica 24/13.5oz
BV Jarrito Lime 24/13.5oz
BV Jarrito Mandarin Orange 24/13.5oz
BV Jarrito Mango 24/13.5oz
BV Jarrito Pineapple 24/13.5oz
BV Jarrito Strawberry 24/13.5oz
BV Jarrito Tamarind 24/13.5oz
BV Klass Fresa Fresa 18/14oz
BV Klass Horchata Horchata 18/14oz
BV Klass Jamaica Jamaica 18/14oz
BV Klass Mango Mango 18/14oz
BV Klass Tamarind Tamarind 18/14oz
BV Lemonade Mix 12-21.6 oz. Powdered Drink Mix
BV Mango Puree
BV Michelada Mix Lasco 12-33.8 oz.
BV Pepsi-Cola 24/13.5oz
BV Pina Colada Mix Lasco Pina Colada Mix
BV Piña Colada Mix Piña Colada
BV Sangria Senorial 24/12oz
BV Sidral Mundet BRN 24/12oz
BV Sidral Mundet GRN 24/12oz
BV Topo Chico Mineral 24/11.5oz
BV Water Premium 28 CT Nestle
Cheese Sauce Thank You Cheese Sauce 6-10
Chipotle Del Sol Whole Chipotle Pepper 6#10
Chipotle San Marcos 24- 7OZ
Chipotle Whole 24-7 Carey Whole Chipotle 24-7
Chipotle Whole 6-10 Carey Whole Chipotle Pepper 6-10
Coffee Colm Decaf Coffee Decaf
Coffee Columbian Coffee Columbian
Coffee Creamer Powder
Corn Husk Adelita electa 24-1# Sack
Dulce Carlos V 96 CT
Dulce De Calabaza Dulce calabaza maris
Dulce De Camote Dulce de camote
Dulce Mazapan Dulce de mazapan
Dulce Surtido ..
Fideo Moderna Vermic 20-7 oz.
Flan Royal 12-5.5oz
Flour Flour All Purpose 25#
Gelatin D'Gari 24-5oz
Hominy Premium Bush 6-10
Hominy Value Carey Mexican Style Hominy 6-10
Jalapeno Nacho Carey Carey Nacho Slice Jalapeno 6-10
Jalapeno Rajas Carey Carey Nacho Rajas 6-10
Jalapeno Whole Carey Carey Whole pickled Jalapeno 6-10
Jalapeno Whole Costena #10
Juice Lime 4-1 GAL
Juice Pineapple Dole Dole 12/46oz cans
Juice Tomato Sacramento tomato juice 12/46oz 56PAL
Ketchup 6-10 Can 6-10
Ketchup Premium Bottle Heinz 24-14 oz.
Ketchup Premium Pkts Ketchup Red Gold 1000CT
Ketchup Premium Squeeze Heinz 16-14 oz.
Ketchup Value Red Gold 16-20 oz.
Ketchup Value Pkts Ketchup packets
Maseca Flour 50# Flour Maseca #1P 50# 1/13.36
Maseca Flour PKT 10-4.4#
Milk Condensed 50# 50# La Lechera
Milk Condensed Squeeze 12 Lechera Squeeze 15.8 oz.
Milk Condensed Value 24/14oz Sunshine
Milk Evaporate 24-12 Leche Evaporada
Milk Evaporate 6-10 Leche Evaporada
Mole Rogelio Bueno 1/22#
Nopal 6-10 Nopal 6-10 San Marcos
Oil Butter Parkay Bottle 24/12oz
Oil Canola
Oil Corn Oil Corn #35..Butcher Boy
Oil Lard Manteca de Puerco 50#
Oil Margarine Liquid 2/17.5#
Oil Margarine Stick 30-1# Vegetable
Oil Olive
Oil Salad vegetable/soy oil
Oil Shortening Creamy Sunrise Frying Pure Vegetable  #35
Olive Black Sliced Olive sliced
Pineapple Sliced 6-10
Rice Bulk Plastic 100# Long Grain
Rice Verde Valle 24# 12-2#
Salsa Cholula Cholula Hot Sauce 12pk 5oz
Salsa Huichol
Salsa Valentina #5-Salsa Valentina RED- 24/12oz
Salsa Valentina PKTS  Salsa Valentina RED-900/.34oz
Saltine Crackers Premium Individual 500 CT
Tomatillo Crushed Carey Green Crushed Tomatillo 6-10
Tomatillo Whole 6/10 Whole Tomatillo 6-10
Tomato Diced 6/10..
Tomato Paste  6-10
Tomato Puree
Tomato Sauce
Tomato Whole Peeled 6-10 Tomato Whole Peeled
Vanilla Syrup 4-1 GAL
Vinegar Cider 1 CT
Vinegar White 4-1 GAL