We are constantly searching and sourcing to add value to our item list. We carry frozen, canned, and dry goods, plus disposables, produce and protein items. Any need of yours is or can be an item we carry. 


Cheese American Extra Melted 30#
Cheese Cheddar Shredded 4-5#
Cheese Cotija El Gallito Powder Cheese Cotija 4#
Cheese Mozzarella Block 48#
Cheese Mozzarella Shredded
Cheese Muenster 6/6#
Churro Plain 10"  100CT
Churro Strawberry Churro De Fresa 10' 1-50 CT
Churro Vanilla Cream Bavarian Cream  10" 100CT  ITEM 524978
Coffee Creamer Singles Coffee Creamer Liquid Singles 360 CT
Corn Cob 5.5'' Corn Cob 48 CT
Corn Cut 30# 12/40oz Bags
Dressing 1000
Dressing 1000 PKTS
Dressing Chipotle
Dressing Italian PKTS 60 CT
Dressing Mayonnaise 4-1 GAL
Dressing Mayonnaise Lime 4-1 GAL
Dressing Ranch 4-1 GAL
Dressing Ranch PKTS
Dressing Soy
Eggs X-Large GRD A Eggs X-LG 30 Dozen GRD A
French Fries Premium French Fries 5/16 Crinkle Cut..30 pounds
French Fries Seasoned
French Fries Value 3/8 30#
Garlic Peeled 1 CT
Poppers CHD Premium 4/4# Anchor
Poppers Cheddar 1 4655 Cheddar Cheese Jalapeno Snappers..4/4#
Poppers Cream 1 4660 Cream Cheese Jalapeño Snappers..4/4#
Poppers CRM Premium 4/4# Anchor
Poppers Value Cheddar 12LB  Item 560671
Poppers Value Cream Gold Premium 12# Item #560670
PR Apple Manzana
PR Avocado 40 CT Alejandrina
PR Avocado 48 CT Premium Alejandrina
PR Bell Pepper 20# Morron
PR Cabbage
PR Calabacita 25#
PR Carrot 50# Jumbo
PR Cebollita Cambray 48 CT
PR Celery 30 CT
PR Cilantro 60 CT
PR Jalapeno 35#
PR Lettuce 24 CT
PR Lettuce Romaine 24 CT
PR Lettuce Shredded 4-5#
PR Lime 150 CT
PR Nopal Picado Nopal Picado 25-1#
PR Onion Red 25#
PR Onion Yellow 50#
PR Orange Juice American Lady 4/5 Bushel
PR Poblano Poblano Pepper
PR Potato 90 CT 50#
PR Tomatillo C/cascara
PR Tomatillo Pelado 38#
PR Tomato Bola #1 25#
PR Tomato Roma #1 25#
Sour Cream 30# Kemps Light Sour Cream
Sour Cream 4-5# 4-5#
Vegetable Mix
Xango Cheesecake